Information about program types, application and registration.


For candidates who want to participate in the Work and Travel program, placement types are divided into two as Full Placement and Self Placement.

Full Placement Program: With this program, our sponsors are provided to arrange your job and accommodation in America, to meet with the employer or sponsor officials face to face or online, to provide all details about your job and to obtain your employment contract.

Self Placement Program: In this program, the participant is responsible for finding his own job. It is an important detail that the work to be found for self placement, which is the type of program preferred by students who usually participate in the program for the second time, is suitable for the seasonal and Work and Travel program. Success International Study Abroad will provide the necessary guidance on prohibited jobs and locations.

The work permit (DS 2019 certificate) required by the student who is accepted to the appropriate job will be provided by our sponsors.


Each participant, who is in suitable conditions for Work and Travel program, can come to our offices if he wishes, and perform online if he wishes.

The Importance of Early Registration: The most important factor directly affecting the Work and Travel process is the application date. Although Work and Travel enrollment covers a process that continues from September to April, students who enroll early in the program; They can benefit from early registration discounts, see many more job options, settle in their jobs early, go to a visa at an early date and obtain plane tickets more economically.

Interview in English: Every candidate who wants to enroll in the Work and Travel Program has to have an English level based on speech at the Intermediate level. Participants will have oral and English interviews in our offices or online prior to registration.

Registration Documents:

Application form
Online CV


After determining the expectations and priorities of each participant who completed the registration phase, the job is settled. At this stage, each candidate is evaluated and placed by his employers, who are preferred by their advisors, and placed in their jobs.

With a 100% job and 100% accommodation guarantee in our system, every student who is settled in the job can clearly see all the details related to his job and accommodation in the job offer to be directed to him.


Your job in the USA is determined by taking into consideration your wishes and expectations, in our Job Fair organizations face-to-face or as a result of live conversations via Skype on the internet.


In this type of settlement, each student conducts an interview with Sponsor officials via Skype. As a result of the interviews, online profiles with the interview videos recorded for each participant are created. As a result of the evaluation of these profiles by the employers preferred by the participants, their job placement takes place.


Our Job Fair organizations, which we organize every year, are platforms where our Work and Travel participants come together with employers in America through our sponsors in America.

In our Job Fair organizations, our participants have the opportunity to meet with their employers in America face to face and ask all the details they wonder about their jobs. As a result of the negotiations, they receive their employment contracts on the same day and accept their jobs.

Job Fair application can be done not only by employers coming to our country, but also with virtual job fairs that can be applied on online platforms. Students can ask employers for detailed information about the job and their destination.