What is J1 Visa, how to get it?

In order to participate in the program, each student must apply for a J1 visa and get approval from the American Consulate General in Istanbul or the American Embassy in Ankara.

Visa interviews take place face to face. The filling in of your visa forms and the organization of your appointments are carried out by Success International Study Abroad. Visa orientation of each student whose document files are prepared before the appointment dates are given by our advisors personally and all necessary information is transferred in detail.

Documents required for visa appointment are:

* DS 160 Form (Filled by our consultants on your behalf electronically.)

* DS 2019 Certificate (The work permit document is brought from America by Success.)

* SEVIS Receipt (Pay online by Success.)

* 5×5 biometric photo (Background white, forehead and ears open)


* Passport (Must be valid for at least 6 more months from the date of departure.)

* English Transcript in a sealed and sealed envelope (must be in a sealed envelope by the school.)

Visa Orientation

Another issue that we attach great importance to as Success International Education is to ensure that you complete your entire process consciously. Visa orientations are provided by our experienced consultants who have attended the program at least once. The most important points mentioned in visa orientation are:

* Presentation of your documents

* Questions you may encounter during the interview and possible answers to give

* The atmosphere and psychological situation you will be in

* What you need to do step by step in the consulate

 – The US Consulate is located in Ayrancı district in Ankara and in İstinye in Istanbul.

You should come to the consulate half an hour before the visa application time. You are likely to see a queue formed in front of the security unit. By following which time appointments the security guards are calling in, you will go in for a security call. You should not have any metal, key ring, bag etc. on you. It will be more convenient and easy for you to enter inside with OSYM exams and enter with only your documents and identity. After the security call, an officer will check your documents and give you a line number to get your fingerprint. When it is your turn to give fingerprints, you will give your fingerprint as described and wait for your turn to wait for a visa interview. At the same time, you will wait for the visa interview order to come to you as you wait for the bank queue with your back towards the officers who made the visa negotiations. When your row number is lit, you will go to the relevant visa officer. There will be a glass partition between you and the visa officer will call you behind the glass with a microphone, and you will hear his voice through the small speaker in front of you. In the meantime, there may be sounds that are not fully understood or cut, in this case, you can ask the places you do not understand or the places you have not heard. In the visa interview where you read, your department, your average grade, where you have gone in the USA, your previous experiences, why you have attended this program, whether you have been abroad before, what you will do in the emergency in the USA, whether you read the Human Traffiking document and that According to the situation that develops at the same time, you will be addressed by improvised questions posed by the visa officer. Generally, the meeting will end in a few minutes. Your passport remains with the visa officer, gives you other documents and hands you a greeting sheet stating that you have received the visa. In this case, you have received the visa. If he / she does not issue a visa, he / she will give you all the documents including your passport and deliver a standard letter indicating that he / she does not see the visa appropriate. If you cannot obtain a visa, you have the right to reapply. If you have received a visa, your passport will be sent to the PTT address you specified before the visa interview in a few days with a visa printed. Trust yourself, if you are a normal student, know intermediate English, they will give you a visa if you do not intend to stay in the USA. Know that there is nothing to excite, fear or worry about during the interview. We wish you success!