Work and Travel offers university students during their education; It is the only cultural exchange program that offers the opportunity to work and travel with the official permission of the United States. It is organized by the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1961 and is carried out through the sponsors it authorizes.

Work and Travel gives the participant the opportunity to earn their own money, practice language, gain experience and travel abroad by working in America during the summer vacation. Students working in simple jobs in the service sector in general, who can easily do it, enjoy their own earnings and enjoy living in America. Participants get the opportunity to spend an unforgettable summer in a country that has dreamed of dreams of many people like America with the most economical conditions thanks to this program.

Perhaps working for the first time in your life in the Work and Travel program that is unique and unmatched. Speaking another language in another country can help you to develop yourself on entrepreneurship and self-confidence.

The most important detail to remember is that it is entirely up to one’s own effort and will to benefit from all these opportunities offered by the Work and Travel program.

Trying to take advantage of all the opportunities that the work and travel program offers you, working abroad and enjoying this experience, making international friends, making American friends and practicing and improving your English are among the important achievements of the program.

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