What is Cambly? Get Free 15 Minutes! Turkey, Brazil and in a professional manner to speak English at reasonable rates in countries with no english speaking opportunities so with any foreign countries such as China, IELTS Preparation and opportunity for exams such as TOEFL, or when abroad to go there everything better understand and süpper prepared for those who find the opportunity to speak an app.

You can access this application from anywhere and start talking at any time. You can connect and talk live either from the phone, tablet or laptop.

I think one of the best things about it is that it’s a friendly English conversation, not boring English like at school. Instead of forcing you to speak like this, they make you warm with daily conversations, which is the best part. In addition, if you want to prepare for the exam, the instructors who have mastered the entire exam (which are the ones whose native language is required to be in English) are able to speak to you in this way in IELTS, giving you this example. Like “I would say that the most valuable gift which i received is my piano because bla bla bla”. So you get an idea of ​​what you will talk about in the exam. I am always writing, so I got 6 from Speaing in the first exam, which later increased, of course.

In the first place, I subscribed to “3 months” and then “+ 3” months. However, if I subscribed for 1 year, I could talk the same money for 1 year, after 1 year you would have that fluent speech called impossible. It was really slow when I wanted to talk before Cambly, unfortunately, it was not enough to know the sentence, it was minutes after I thought it was enough to set it up. We were diving for a while and I left it to the train station, when I saw that I spoke fluently in that time, I understood literally how good it was to be exposed, actually friends to learn the language. Just like Turkish. How did you learn Turkish as your mother tongue? Not by hearing from your family and people around you? Did someone tell you the word “I” while making the sentence, “go hungry” and then. No!!! you heard and built your logic. English, and all other languages, too. What is difficult for us is that the grammatical structure of Turkish is completely opposite with English, so it is a must to be exposed to English. You won’t believe the difference after the first month. This will not only help speaking, but also to all other areas, namely listening and writing and reading. Steady with experience.

As someone who has lived and experienced Cambly from the beginning, I recommend it without hesitation. You can even earn a free “15 Minutes” trial lesson if you write the “redbeard” reference code while signing up and then get a discount subscription when you check your mail. You can even register for free here. I wish you convenience now. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer in the summer. Bye now.