In the past days, I wrote an article that contains the details of British Council and IDP, and you can even find answers to questions on how should I prepare for IELTS. I wanted to give a few more details on some of the questions I received on social media. The real question is: IDP or British Council?

I write in detail, you decide for yourself at the end of the article. As someone who took the exam in both organizations, I would like to explain in detail starting from the beginning part. IDP is an Australian-based institution and the British Council is a UK-based institution.

In the application section, you make your application through the IDP and British Council websites and both have a reservation option. You can use Credit or debit card, and even if you do not have the opportunity to send cash for transfer, they reserve a place for you for 48 hours, and you can pay without losing your place. This is an advantage for both.

Let’s send them a feedback mail. IDP sends you a continuous feed mail. You even get Turkish mail, which I think makes more sense. I admit that it seems logical to send English mail in the English level exam, even the sent text is very easy, but not everyone is born in London or Birmingham, brother. It already measures the level of the person. British Council officer made a warning to “Please Capital Letter” to someone who wrote his name in lowercase letters in the exam. So not everyone can understand every word. What are you calling out for? Some people wrote to me that 4 or 5 marks are enough.

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After the arguments, both exams are held in Çankaya and Alsancak in the nearby regions of Izmir. Let’s start with Speaking. The British Council is on the sixth floor of an organization, and at other times I think it runs Speaking in a place that works as a classroom. There are some toefl areas when you come in. They call you and go upstairs. Unlike IDP, there is one British or even two British ladies. Our teacher, who has never laughed from the Second World War to this day, begins with “Candidate number zero zero five” and passes the questions. IDP welcomes you on the 7th floor in Hilton Hotel and we have one Turkish and one English teacher and I came across our Turkish female teacher. In a place where I don’t have much idea, I also gave him a point of view by adding meaning to the question and I thank him from here. Your exam ends already in about 13-14 minutes.

As I mentioned before in the Listening exam, there is a Philips headphone option in IDP. When you wear it to your ear, you can look at the questions by isolating from the environment. Whereas, in the British Council, you are listening to the big conference speaker as if it had come to the place and it is really difficult. On the one hand, you are trying to close echo, on the other hand, the CD broke down, it was hard to keep my concentration high. IDP has a headphone case along with the headphone so that the headphone used by everyone is sanitized. I was definitely much more successful in this way. The dialogues were very clear and even made me forget that I was in the exam because you are isolated as I said with headphones.

Then came Reading. I can’t say much for Reading. It continued in the form of questions and answers. It was the same difficulty or ease for both institutions.

It is not possible to say much like Reading in the Writing section. All I noticed was that Task 1 and Task 2 writing papers were carefully collected.

Let’s get to the final stage, guys. That was the worst or worst part for me. The British Council announced 30 days later. It’s not a joke but it’s true. First, I called the center for the day to be explained and the result was said to be no papers, then the UK office was not finished yet. Then, if there are many differences between your two notes, it was said that it takes time to explain. Imagine that your Speaking exam is very good, but that day you got a low grade from the Reading exam and they were evaluating it. Even if our mother tongue is in Turkish, there are people who can get different grades in a local exam in composition or comprehension, and they tried to save time. However, it is impossible to cheat in an exam like IELTS. If you can, I’ll write Queen Elizabeth for you to give you the Knight title.

If this is impossible, it has been forgotten or lost. I wrote an email to the UK office, although they said “3 working days”, i was waited 12 days to reply. Answer te following: “Turkey is interested in the office Write to them.” Woaaww. It is admirable that they make a decision in 12 days.

Before IDP ELTS Exam, a friend who joined the exam asked me a question about how to speaking part, we sit and spoke , and the conversation started, and I would like to owe you the transfer of what happened to that friend. The notes published on the website in the British council exam of your respective friend and the notes on the paper that they received were different. After I said, “I wrote this with evidence, I will give it to the media and I will announce it to everyone.” These claims are really scary. You can demoralize badly in a good exam and lose confidence in this way. Besides, I could not even think that the reason for the low grade was to be re-entered. Because many institutions and countries between 6 and 8 bands give the chance to citizenship and work, and some companies also do so. I know that Canada wants 8 points and Australia wants 7 points. Even half a point can affect your future.

I think “British Council” is more scarce than IDP in writing system except writing. I wanted to tell you what I experienced as much as I could on your questions. Make your decision for yourself. In an exam that will affect your fate, I wish an exam that institutions cannot determine your fate. Goodbye.