Let’s say you went to Kenya, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, but you will not find hotels, hostels, motels, hostels, etc. or your money may be insufficient, especially in the countryside. When I realized that there are few people who know this system that will work right here, I decided to write.

           Even in the remotest parts, there are people who host guests with this system. Since their goal is to get to know new people and new cultures, they will see you as a sphere to discover. I also realized that the people who use Couchsurfing are people with different mind structures. A man who produces wine, a ballet teacher or a woman selling wigs. People who want to mediate this, although they cannot experience the pleasure of traveling around the world. The only condition is to study well. Staying in a reliable home is always important. In the meantime, there will be people from other countries who want to come and stay with you. For example, two separate couples who recently came from China and South Korea and wanted to stay in Denizli, Aydın and İzmir did not meet the dates. That is, they can also write a message to you if I want to come and stay on these dates. A person or people you host can also host you in their own country, which is a reason for you to respond positively.

          So is Couchsurfing safe? Connoisseurs know that when you use BlaBlaCar, you can make a reservation for a vehicle that goes from one place to another and make the trip faster than by train or bus. For this, you need to look at the feedback about the driver. After seeing a feedback saying that the driver is very fast and careless, you can get on that vehicle. So is Couchsurfing. Those who previously stayed in that house are giving feedback. One can say that he is very rude or welcoming. The difference from AirBnb is free. You don’t give any money. You have not heard wrong, not 1, not 2, not exactly 3, no, it was not that writing. Flash TV became like a honey ad.

            So is it important that you are a guest? Absolutely… You can also host people who were previously hosted by someone and sent off as good guests, so you can gain confidence. When people who welcome you look at your profile, you can be invited by earning plus points for hosting others.

            Air Bnb is ideal for places where you can stay with money. You can stay in any kind of home. Just give the money. There are hostels in this way.