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What is Work And Travel Visa?

What is J1 Visa, how to get it? In order to participate in the program, each student must apply for a J1 visa and get approval from the American Consulate General in Istanbul or the American Embassy in Ankara. Visa interviews take place face to face. The filling in of your visa forms and the …

genel Seyahat travel

Who Can Join the Program?

Who can join the Work And Travel program? What are the desired features? WORK AND TRAVEL TERMS OF PARTICIPATION Being a formal education student in 4-year departments of universities To be studying in a department that can count the associate degree courses and switch to a 4-year undergraduate program. Undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate students (18-30 …

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What is Work And Travel?

Work and Travel offers university students during their education; It is the only cultural exchange program that offers the opportunity to work and travel with the official permission of the United States. It is organized by the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1961 and is carried out through the sponsors it authorizes. Work and …